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1st Mortgage Rates
Here are loan programs we offer. These programs are unique to Envision Credit Union. To learn more about these programs and many others, call us at (850) 942-9234.

Envision Credit Union does not charge points and we do not recommend that you pay points without a detailed analysis from our Loan Officers.

We also encourage you to consider a Fannie Mae 3% down mortgage vs a FHA 3.5% mortgage.    We will help you with the analysis.

Rates are based on Credit Score, Loan To Value, Purpose of the Loan, and Property Type. Rates are not guaranteed and are subject to change due to market conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to market conditions. You must talk to a loan officer in order to lock in a rate. Emails, Faxes, and Voicemail messages do not constitute the acceptance of a request to lock in a rate.

If you wish to calculate a payment please ENTER your loan amount BELOW and select the GO button.
Loan Amount:      $


Program Name Rate Points APR Payment  
Envision 15 Yr (Conforming) 3.375% 0.00% 3.900% $0.00
Envision 20 Yr (Conforming) 3.875% 0.00% 4.375% $0.00
Envision 30 Yr (Conforming) 4.125% 0.00% 4.640% $0.00
Rates are subject to change without notice.
Rates last updated on 06/29/2017.
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